Find Your Fierce in 30 days

No more hiding. A practical and fun way to get that confidence to be who you really are and do work that you love | taught by Gemma Stow
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Gemma Stow
Gemma Stow

About the instructor

Gemma Stow is the Founder of The F Movement.  She loves nothing more than to empower ambitious women who are holding back or hiding, to believe in themselves and run unstoppable businesses.

She is on a mission to support women who are running a business or want to work for themselves, to unlock all of that powerhouse potential that they have been hiding away, or putting to the bottom of the priority pile, so they can ditch the excuses they have been using that keeps them stuck where they are - when really all they want is to take fierce action and just do it.

She understands that you can often lose yourself and what you really want.

It is important that you don't settle for less and use your ambition to truly step into your power, do work you really love and be fierce with your dreams.

" This is what I love to do - empower women like you to feel fierce.

You know that you want more, you want to silence those self-doubts, drown out the noise, get super clear on what YOU want and take inspired action to go get it.

I will help you to believe in yourself and make it happen."

She believed she could...So she did


This course is all about YOU.  You get time to explore your own thoughts and feelings and what YOU really want.

In 30 days you will be feeling fierce and confident to be the woman you really want to be and build that successful business.

This is my proven process that works!

You will be clearer on what you want, what has been stopping you from going for it and how you can now make it happen.  

It will catapult you from sitting on the sidelines to unleashing all of your fierceness and so that you can put you and your business on the map by being more visible.

There is no time like today - so if you work for yourself or have dreams of doing this one day then I can support you on this journey.


When you jump onboard you also get the bonus of being a part of a private support group where you can reach out to Gemma, ask for help from each other, celebrate your wins and generally feel inspired and empowered to do the things you have been putting off for so long.  

“I was struggling with overwhelm, lack of clarity not knowing where to begin….I knew I needed some accountability and to get clearer on what I wanted because I had lost touch with that…
“Things started changing for us really quickly – Gemma has got a fantastic way of getting to the bottom of what we are really struggling with and getting us to reach inside ourselves and really look at why we are doing this and to make us realise that we are pretty damn fierce actually..
“So really it has helped me in a number of ways…I feel more confident because I am clearer on what I want and my ideas that were just frustrating me are now exciting me because I am putting them into a plan”

Danielle Mills

This is so much more than an online course.  No more hiding - it is your time to shine!

You can make excuses OR you can make it happen!

Let's do this

Love Gemma x

Course Contents

17 Videos
2 Surveys
14 PDFs